Husool-e-Maqasid Ke Raz by Brian Tracy

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    Husool-e-Maqasid Ke Raz by Brian Tracy Pdf Book Free Download
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    Husool-e-Maqasid Ke Raaz, ways to achieve life aims is a beautiful, motivational self-help pdf book written by Mr. Biran Tracy. He is a well-known author about motivational,  personality development and self-help related writings. Actually, it was published in English language, Mr. Riaz Mehmood Anjum works hard to translate it to Urdu for Urdu knowing, readers. Everyone plans for better life, but only a few are succeeded in achieving their goals. There are so many little and important things that must be considered to achieve the aims. The author narrates all such factors in a beautiful way. The main focus is on activation of hidden potential, there are certain things that lower down your efficiency. The tips narrated here are really helpful to convert your dreams into reality by utilizing your full potential.
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