Answers To Non Muslims Common Questions About Islam

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    Answers To Non Muslims Common Questions About Islam Pdf Book By Dr. Zakir Abdulkarim Naik

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    Answers to non Muslims common questions about Islam is an Islamic Book authored by Dr. Zakir Abdulkarim Naik, compiled and published by Islamic Research Foundation which is also presided by Dr. Zakir. He is a well known religious speaker of India. Whenever a non Muslim is preached by Muslims, he admits the beauty of Islam but there are some points on which they are not convinced. For convincing them about truth of Islam there is severe need of such scholars who can convince the non Muslims in a logical way. This book is in English, for Urdu knowing readers it is  also translated to Urdu, and is also present on this site, by the name of Islam per 40 aytrazat k aqli-o-naqli jawabat
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