Maulvi Aur Tawaif By Qazi Haris

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    Maulvi Aur Tawaif By Qazi Haris Pdf Book Free Download
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    Maulvi aur tawaif is a beautiful interesting fiction novel written by Qazi Haris. He is a well known Pakistani social activist and writer. As title name shows this novel moves around the story of prostitute and Maulvi.  Postitute and Maulvi are two important character of society, one is hated for her bad character and other one is respected due to good character and manners. As I say earlier it is a fiction novel, it is not happened as such but as we enjoy fiction movies and dramas because they are interesting and full of moral lessons. You may disagree with the author intention. Here author tries to reveal the fact that all the glitters are not gold with interesting example of prostitute and Maulvi.
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